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Sunbrella Treat Pouch


These are our are favorite bait bags, bar none. Handmade in California from sturdy Sunbrella fabric, they have a high-quality French hinge that lets the main compartment of the pouch open easily, stay open, and snap closed with a flick of the wrist. Big enough to fit a tennis ball, the pouch has four separate zippered pockets, which means your keys, wallet, phone and poop bags all can come along with you on your walk. There is also a spot to attach a leash to the bag with a carabiner (not included).

Pouch itself measures approximately 9" wide, 6" high, and has a 2" girth at the bottom of the pouch. Fits waist/hips approximately 30-40" around.

Have a red School For The Dogs pouch customized with your name for an additional $10.